We Design for Mobility

We Believe that persons with movement disorders should have access to World-class and Affordable Assistive and Rehabilitation devices to help Regain Mobility and Independance MOVEMENT is LIFE!!

Our Services

Custom Rehabilitation


Medical Grade Strap-on Wearable devices which can monitor and asses movement parameters. We also design custom sensors to pick up Bio-Parameters (EMG,ECG...etc)

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Spatial-temporal Parameters & Kinematic Parameters are measured, with Specialized Reports for Doctors to highlight Abnoramality of Gait Parameters. Remote Gait assessment and Long-term Gait Monitoring

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Cloud Database to securely store the data and run ML/AI algorithms for classification and Analytics provided to doctors to understand the Irregularity of Gait Phases

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To create new technologies to Diagnose, Predict and Treat movement disorders by developing state of the art embedded sensing, machine learning and cloud based analytics..!!