Movement disorders can originate from various conditions: neurological, orthopedic or simply old age.   There are over 15 lakh stroke patients every single year in India; over 5 lakh spinal cord injuries and an even larger number with other orthopedic and old age related movement problems.

Gait analysis can greatly improve the understanding of movement disorders and give clinically useful information for therapy.


At IMOV MotionTech, we believe that every patient and doctor should have access to the best technology in gait analysis – a technology that is highly advanced, incredibly simple to use and affordable !

  • Significantly reduces treatment time and supports continuous monitroing
  • Expensive laboratory set up and does not require dedicated infrastructure
  • A technology that doctors can customize for individual patients
  • Wearable devices that patients can even take home for extended therapy sessions from the comfort of home - REHAB@HOME


3D Gait Analysis in real time

  • Advanced machine learning tools to detect abnormal patterns in the gait
  • Standard gait parameters computed
    • Joint angles
    • Velocities
    • Deviations from normal
    • Energy expenditure, cadence and so on.
  • Algorithms to Classify the Abnormality of walk